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Desaigon Consulting is a leader in payroll. Desaigon Consulting is a well-established and respected company with years of experience providing quality payroll services. All our staff are experienced payroll professionals who understand the complexities of current payroll processes and legislation.

Outsourcing your payroll should take away the stress and costs of running payroll in-house. If you are experiencing difficulties, then perhaps you need to review your current service provider!

We provide fully managed outsourced payroll with:


Our process is the most stringent in the industry. We do not compromise on accuracy. Our 3-level check process ensures the payroll is done on time and with precision.


Our standard operation procedures and certified processes safe guard your confidentiality. Access to data within your payroll is controlled by well-defined user roles and access levels. We enforce this with strong login passwords, stringent user authentication / authorisation and user inactivity locks.


Our world-class data centers are equipped with sophisticated, bank-level technology to securely house your data. The sites feature security guards, biometric security, data back-ups, redundant power supplies and fire deterrent systems. In addition, all data transfers between your organisation and Desaigon Consulting are encrypted.

Our Process

We will provide you with access to a team of highly skilled payroll specialists who complete all payroll related tasks to agreed schedules. Essentially, your team at Desaigon Consulting becomes your payroll department.

Each month your Desaigon Consulting payroll team will:

• Load all payroll input data, amendments and tax code changes onto the payroll solution and calculate any back pay, commissions and adjustments.
• Check the payroll output for accuracy and verify accordingly with you.

• Laser print pay slips, produce extensive management and costing reports which are dispatched with any other payroll output for your internal distribution.

• Create the Giro or bank transfer for employee payments and verify that it is processed correctly.

• Take over liaison responsibility with CPF board for monthly submission.

• Yearly calculation for IR8A, IR8S and IR21 submissions. 

You only need to nominate a Payroll Contact who acts as the point of communication between your company and Desaigon Consulting. Your Payroll Contact does not need to know anything about payroll.

Your Payroll Contact just collates any amendments you may have to the payroll each month and sends them to Desaigon Consulting according to an agreed schedule.

Your Benefits

Immediate computation and immediate result 

Auto alert to you whenever a change in government regulation is issued, ensuring latest updates. 

Every payroll goes through a 3 level check procedure to ensure 100% payroll computation accuracy. Our payroll professionals are liable for each stage of computation accuracy. This process is very demanding and requires a large organised work force. 

Additions, deductions, overtime pay, sales commission, multi level commission, project ad hoc commission and other calculations can be done before submitting payroll for processing. Allowance of any kinds and commission structure type can be set for CPF / IR8A calculations. Loans & Deductions are made for specified period.

1. Employee’s salary information 2. CPF submission 3. IR8A details 4. Online Bank GIRO 5. Pay slips 6. Any kind of employee payroll reports

Leave application / approval / rejection. Payroll submission / approval / rejection, Email pay slip (pdf)

Employee on leave, Work Pass expiry (EP, WP, SPR, etc), passport expiry, employee confirmation, birthday, insurance expiry.

Auto generation of CPF files to be submitted to CPF BOARD, IR8A submission to IRAS & Bank GIRO file.


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